Get your steps in at Bramham Park Fun Run

Get your steps in at the Bramham Park Fun Run

Experts say that we should all be walking at least 10,000 steps each day. But in our busy modern world, where cars, desk-jobs and long working hours are the norm, that target can often be hard to reach.

That's another reason why we love to sponsor the Bramham Park Fun Run - every year, groups of happy walkers stroll the 5k and 10k routes, enjoying the morning, raising money for Cancer Research UK and getting their steps in at the same time. And with the average person walking 6,500 steps during a 5k route, it's a fabulous opportunity to get more than half of your daily target out of the way before lunch.

Because our Fun Run isn't just for runners - it's for everyone. And the health benefits of a beautiful morning walk are never ending. Here are five:

1. strengthening your heart

2. helping you lose weight

3. preventing dementia

4. boosting vitamin D

5. boosting your mood

Come join us?

Keep an eye on our blog and social media pages for more information as we continue our countdown to the run. And you'll find registration and sponsorship forms at or email

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